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We were walking around Branford, CT looking for unique spots for photos when found this little church. It had this bright red door and tight walls that made the sunlight bounce off the building. I mean, can you say gorgeous!

Cassidy Riley Photography

Cassidy and I met in a photography Facebook group and it was love at first sight! Just kidding, I have a boyfriend! But seriously though, we just clicked! We met up for brunch with our cameras and talked for hours. It was like we've always known each other! 


Cassidy has such an amazing eye! She reminded me how much I love getting creative with photography. At the time we met, I was focused so much on the business side of things I felt like I was forgetting my WHY.

We also took photos with this little bus stop. Our ideas were jumping off each other as we played with the glass, reflections, and angles. Meeting with Cassidy was so much fun! She is an amazing photographer and so comfortable to be around. 

I'm so excited to see what the future holds for us in photography. This summer we'll be photographing a few Connecticut weddings together and I am so, so excited. Cassidy is going to do great things, just you wait!

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