This is why you should photograph your dog

with 15 year old Luna

Michelle reached out when her little pup, Luna had just turned 15 years old. She wanted to celebrate by taking photos together. I was thrilled to be chosen as their photographer to immortalize such an important life. Luna and Michelle have been through so much together. Luna was there with Michelle through college, every day life, and the passing of her grandmother. Luna brings her a feeling of closeness to her grandmother because she was a puppy of her dog's litter. 

These photos and their story was so important to me because I was also very close with my grandmother. I would have loved to have that kind of connection Michelle has to her in the form of a furry friend. Their bond is so present when you see them together. Luna was never far behind toddling after Michelle down the beach. She'd leave the faintest paw prints in the sand as she did a little jog to try to keep up with her.

The beach at golden hour was the perfect location for this session. The sunset would glow through Luna's curls as she walked towards the horizon. 


It's so important to photograph your pets. Photos like these will make their memories last forever even though our time with our furry friends is so limited. They are as involved in our families as we are and deserve to have their portrait on the mantle just the same. So I beg you, if your pets are getting older or are leaving you for other reasons too soon, don't forget to take a picture of them at their happiest-- this is how you'll want to remember them.


I'm so thankful to have been a part of this vignette. I'm proud of these photos I created for such a special memory. I will hold this afternoon we all spent together very close to my heart, just as I'm sure Michelle will too.