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All about second shooters

What's better than one wedding photographer? TWO! Having a second shooter at your wedding is a worthwhile investment! There are many moments throughout the day where multiple things that need to be photographed at once. 

That mushy moment when one spouse sees the other while they're walking down the aisle. The groom tearing up when he sees the love of his life in her wedding dress for the first time. If your wedding photographer is focused on the groom in this moment, what about the bride? With two photographer's present, they can each be focused on one spouse.

Many couples want to have photos getting ready before the big day. But what if they are getting ready at different locations? With two photographers, they can divide and conquer so you can get every photo you're hoping for! 

The collection of photos below shows how necessary a second shooter can be. This first look perfectly captures the bride's reaction, but not the father's. Weddings are not impossible to photograph by one photographer, but moments like these definitely makes it easier and ensures nothing is missed. 


Family photos! In my opinion, these NEED to be taken. I know it can be hard to track people down as they get swept up in cocktail hour or conversations with other guests and old friends. Having two photographers during this part of your day can help relieve the pressure. Make a list of photo combinations you want to have taken with your friends and family. Share this with your photographer so at your wedding when everyone is gathered around the newlyweds, the second shooter can read the names listed for your lead photographer to quickly take all the photos needed.


If you only have one photographer for this part of your day, I'd recommend designating a bridesmaid or other friend who isn't in the majority of photos to execute this list. Trust me, things will be much quicker and allow you to actually attend your wedding reception!

I offer custom pricing for my wedding packages to give my clients total flexibility in my hours and hours of a second shooter. I'm able to accommodate requests for a second shooter for your full day, half day, or just the ceremony. Every wedding is unique and deserves to have their specific needs met to make their day as perfect as possible. 

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