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Their gallery is a dream! I am so proud to have my name on these photos. Scrolling through them all feels like you're watching a movie. Everything was perfect. From their outfits, to the location, the posing, the photo editing, and the weather, nothing could have been better.

We clicked so well they ended up booking with me again for a couples session! We created even more beautiful images capturing their amazing energy and love. They are so kind to continue to model for me on other projects. 

Angie & Tom

engagement session

I was so nervous driving to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, NY anticipating this session. Angie and Tom were the first couple to ask me to photograph their engagement. I was thrilled! But terrified. I remember practicing what I was going to say in the car and sifting through poses in my mind (which I still do before most sessions.) 

But when I met Angie and Tom, they welcomed me so warmly and really connected with me. I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. Throughout the hour we became so comfortable with each other and they agreed to do all my posing ideas, even the really weird ones. By the end of it, they were pros! They began to pose themselves and really let their love shine.


These photos made me feel so confident in myself as a photographer and I owe it all to Angie and Tom. If you guys are reading this:

you are lovely, so appreciated, and BEAUTIFUL!

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